Changing the tune of children’s relationships

Imagine a world in which every child benefits from relationships with other children and adults that are compassionate, empathic and supportive. In such a world children are able to:

  • Live up to their fullest potential
  • Thrive and experience optimal physical and mental health
  • Grow up to enjoy healthy and harmonious relationships with family members, friends and neighbors, and become successful partners, parents, colleagues, and citizens

The T. Denny Sanford Harmony Institute at Arizona State University is working toward a world where every child has the opportunity to experience harmonious relationships with the people in their lives. The institute advances this goal through rigorous research, evidence-based and scalable solutions, education and mentoring, and collaborative partnerships.

What does harmony mean in relationships?

In music, harmony involves multiple notes working together to create a pleasing sound. Similarly, in relationships, harmony involves multiple people working together to create a positive environment of collaboration, support and connection — despite differences in ideas, backgrounds, feelings or perspectives.

Children experience harmony through positive relationships with their peers, teachers, caregivers and others. This in turn leads to happier, healthier, more successful children and communities. Although it is not widely recognized, harmony in relationships is as critically important to human well-being as health.

Accelerating the tempo of success

The new institute builds on the significant accomplishments of the Sanford Harmony Program at ASU. Since 2008, the program’s faculty, staff and students have developed research-based solutions to address the real-world problems that disrupt harmony for children. They also work with partner organizations that disseminate these solutions across the country and around the world.

Created with a generous gift from longtime philanthropist T. Denny Sanford, the Sanford Harmony Institute will foster the development of new solutions and expand effective programs that support children’s relationships and well-being. As a pan-university institute within the ASU Knowledge Enterprise, it will empower scholars to collaborate freely across disciplines. It will facilitate partnerships with schools, families, community programs, scientific institutions and others. And it will provide the infrastructure needed to create innovative and sustainable solutions that enhance harmony in children’s lives.

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